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Public Speaking


We run a Public Speaking competition annually during the Spring Term. This culminates in an entry into the regional Catenians event where students compete with others in Y12 from the Midlands region. If successful, they can represent the region at the national event.  During the spring term, Y12 students opt to join and prepare a 4 minute speech. Students can choose from a range of issues, some provided to support, and others that they are interested in. Students can discuss something related to their studies or something they are passionate about. Staff then provide support in the drafting and rehearsal process. This stage is often the most fun! Students will learn to explore how they deliver their speeches in a relaxed and informal environment whilst learning essential life skills. The contest itself takes place in front of peers, teachers and guests with students confidently delivering their own material.

Why should I join?

Public speaking develops communication skills that are essential for life outside of education. The ability to present your own ideas to peers is now a regular features of roles and university life: it is best to start now! You will join a relaxed and fun group with experienced staff who can tutor you towards a great performance. You may also get the opportunity to meet new people and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Next Steps:

When you join our Sixth Form we will promote a variety of enrichment activities. Ensure you opt for the debating society which meets after school fortnightly.