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Work Experience

Work experience is a fantastic opportunity to show what you are capable of and it looks good on your CV and is valued by employers. Y12 students are strongly encouraged to take part in at least 1 week of some work experience to strengthen their applications to University, apprenticeships or employment. In the current climate there are also tonnes of virtual work experience opportunities available to young people.

Routes to the Professions

ANY profession will require some sort of work experience.


Students who want to get experienced will find:

  • It builds self-confidence & allows you to show an employer you have the right attitude to work and that you are flexible, enthusiastic, and willing to learn!
  • It helps you decide if the career path you have chosen is right for you and you will have the opportunity to network with employers!
  • It can give you experience of using skills which you can mention on your cv!

Next Steps

Meet with your personal tutor to discuss your aspirations to get involved as soon as you arrive to us in Year 12. Complete the attached Work Experience placement form and hand this in to school as soon as you have secured your placement. Here are some useful career links to get you started with your research.